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  • adama
    Wow, Thank you verry much!

    I've been working with vbulletin sinds 2009.
    I came on a forum of (later) a friend, and he used vb 3.8
    There i learned how a lot of thing worked.
    Later i started my own forum, vbulletin 4 and have had many forums over the years and learned a lot.
    For years i was looking to VB5, but there was a lot missing in that version so did not wanted to upgrade.
    However due safty with php, i am forced to upgrade to VB5.
    And just at that moment, you began to change VB4 mods to VB5.
    This was a gift from the stars hihhih.
    Mostly what i had on VB4 is now for VB5, and i am verry glad with this.
    I am also trying to learn myself HTML and PHP, hoping to maybe in the future i can adjust things myself and make things for VB5.

    So this is in short my story how i came here.
    Hope to have a good time here on this forum, and also learn a lot!!

    Greets and thanks for your message!!!
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  • yilmaz
    Welcome to the forums!

    I have been in the vBulletin community for many years.

    I learned with the puzzle, and I'm trying to learn new things.

    First of all, hang out here, have fun, let's learn something together.

    Note: I opened the section you said and moved the subject here.
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  • adama
    started a topic Introduce your self option

    Introduce your self option


    I was looking for a section where i could introduce myself to all of you.
    I am realy happy to find this site, and i have been a big fan of your mods for years!!
    I wanted to leave a message to introuce myself and say, what a realy nice and good looking forum it is.

    Maybe an option for a section "introduce yourself" in the future?

    Thanks again for having me here on the forum.

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