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Forums have disappeared from admin Forum Manager

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    Forums have disappeared from admin Forum Manager

    My host recently changed the structure of how their sites and add-on sites are set up, which means they moved a bunch of stuff around, and changed from using CPanel to something called SiteTools.

    I'm still set to use php 5.6.4 with my 3.8.11 installation.

    The forums main page will still load, but all of the Forums (categories with posts) themselves have disappeared.

    In the admin, the Forum Manager is completely empty.

    However, using phpMyAdmin, all of the data is still there in the database. The forums table is full of forums, the threads and posts tables are full as well. It seems not to be a DB connection issue, since I can login to the admin and the main page of the forums loads.

    In the admin, I seem to have access to everything that should be there, including Maintenance Tools. Show All Users, for example, works and shows me 10000+ users. Except the Forums are missing!

    I am also getting some WARNINGS:


    PHP Warning: array_keys() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in ..../includes/functions.php on line 4219
    PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in ..../includes/functions.php on line 4219

    If I look at the source code (functions.php on line 4219), it shows:

    PHP Code:

    foreach (array_keys($vbulletin->forumcache) AS $forumid)

    I don't know if this is related, but seeing it says it's getting a NULL instead of an array for $vbulletin->forumcache, the forumcache file may be missing or corrupted or something.

    So I tried to do a rebuild of the Post Cache. Is that what the $vbulletin->forumcache is? Where is this file maintained, exactly?

    However, it did not seem to go as I remembered it. Immediately after clicking on it, it showed:

    However, in my FireFox, the little activity window at the bottom of the page was displaying a constantly incrementing message, like this:

    I have over 113,000 posts in the forum, and I let this run for nearly two days until it finally got up to the end (which was over 113,000 by the way, more like 115,000+). Anyway, when I came back to the window, the Update Counters page was showing again as if it had completed. But the situation has not changed. My Forum Manager is still empty and shows no forums, even though the data is in the mySQL database.

    I desperately need some help with this, I'm out of ideas!

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