Yilmaz - (AJAX) [hide] Hack incl post Like vB5

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    Yilmaz - (AJAX) [hide] Hack incl post Like vB5

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    In vBulletin 5.6.x, we could only see the hidden content after a post-click refresh.

    I will be happy to present this plugin, which I have completely programmed from the beginning, with version 1.6.2 as ajax function soon.

    A few tests left, I'll post when they're done.
    You can see demos on our site and in this video.

    Click the like to see the test content hidden under the video and it will appear in 1500 milliseconds.

    This post contains hidden content
    NOTE: To see the hidden message, just click the Like button under the message.
    Do not write messages unless required. If you have to write, the short message is not considered appropriate.
    Write in detail while describing the problems you are encountering, such as: B. Device name, brand, which platform etc.
    Only registered and active users can give Likes Click Here To Register...
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    Can we download ver 1.6.2?Go to Top of Post
    I invite you to visit my IPS forum 👍
    I invite you to visit my vB5 forum 👍



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